Easy online tool to Compare PDFs

Our tool allows side-by-side views to track changes.

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Easy online tool to Compare PDFs
Our tool allows you to quickly compare 2 PDFs. No registration required to use our service.
Safe PDF Comparisons online
All your files will be permanently deleted from our servers. We do not look at them or mine any data from them.
Works on all platforms
Merge tool works on all devices - the operating system you use: Mac, Windows or Linux does not matter.
Simple PDFs Compare
By dragging pages you are able to easily Compare PDFs to check for changes.
Excellent service for results
No file size limitations and you don’t have need to register or install any software. It does not cost a penny to you, as it is all free.
Happens in the cloud
Our servers that process your files are located in the cloud and your computer capacity will not be burdened at all. So sit back and let us do the driving.
How to compare PDF files online:
  1. Begin by uploading your files.
  2. FacePdf will upload and start to process immediately.
  3. Download your PDF file.
  4. The PDF will show all the changes between the 2 PDFs.